Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Theme: Go Dog. Go! by PD Eastman

July 12-16

  • Book- Go dog. Go! by PD Eastman
  • Crafts- Paperbag puppet of a dog
  • Music-instrument exploration
  • Science- Mentos in diet coke
  • Activities- Unrelated but fun- Riverwalk and Sea World
Other ideas- Make Puppy Chow!

Book Themes: Spot books by Eric Hill

July 4-9

  • Books- Where is Spot? Spot Goes to the Beach, Spot's Farm
  • Crafts- Spot puppet on a stick- painting, laminating, gluing
  • Music- Instrument Exploration to background music
  • Activities-
  • Science- Magnate search in cornmeal
  • Baking- peanut butter playdoah

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oceans and Lakes

May 24-June 4

  • Books- Rainbow Fish
  • Movies- Reading Rainbow: Oceans
  • Music- The Waves Splash All Around, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (tune of green grass grows), Row Your Boat
  • Field Trips- Sea World, McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels

Paper Plate Jellyfish- Made at Zachary's MDO
1. Cut crate paper or tissue paper into thin strips.
2. Glue to inside of paper plate on edges.
3. Poke two holes in the top for pipe cleaner. See picture above.

Aquarium Paper Plate Craft-
Will need
Blue paint/brush or blue construction paper
2 paper plates
clear wrap
crayons or markers
thread, string or yarn
template of sea creatures

1. Cut a viewing window in one paper plate by cutting the bottom of the plate off (the part you put the food on).
2. Cut a circle of clear plastic about a 1/4 an inch wider than the window and tape to the inside of the plate.
3. Paint the bottom of the other paper plate blue or cut out and glue blue construction paper.
4. Cut out and color your own sea creatures either from this template or by making your own.
5. Glue on background or hang from string on the top of plate.
6. Glue, tape, staple window plate onto back plate.
For a better descrption go to

Cup O Fish Recipe- From Enchanted Learning

-Blue Jello
-Gummy Fish
-Plastic Cup or for a bigger scence use a big bowl

1. Mix jello according to package directions and pour into plastic cups or big bowl
2. Let cool in the refrigerator until partially set.
3. Place a few gummy fish in.
4. Let completely set in the refrigerator

Can also freeze jello in Popsicle molds instead.


Salty water vs. Fresh water- My husband came up with a few different samples of water that we got to taste.