Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Fruits and Vegetables with a Pumpkin Emphasis

October 11-15

  • Books- The Littlest Pumpkin, It's Pumpkin Time, Eating the Alphabet
  • Crafts- Painting a pumpkin picture (MDO), Painting fall fruits and veggies picture
  • Music- Autumn Leaves are Falling Down, 1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Pumpkins, 5 A Day
  • ABC- Letter H
  • Baking- Pumpkin Pie and Roasting Seeds
  • Activities- Carving a little pumpkin and putting a candle inside, Pumpkin Patch

Discover Autumn

October 4-8

  • Books- Apples and Pumpkins
  • Music- Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down
  • Craft- Leaf painting and gluing on construction paper. Will make into a place mat.
  • ABC- Letter G
  • Activities- Decorating the House in Autumn

We of course had to have one blue leaf. :)

These were used for the Autum placemat. Found on google images

I Can See, Hear, and Touch

September 27- Oct 1

We did not do anything this week b/c we went to visit my Mom and Dad. :) But this is what we were going to do.

  • Music- Make a sound garden similar to one that was done at Little REaD Wagon with pots, pans and other items hanging on a string and using mallets or spoons to experiment with sounds.
  • Crafts- Rainbow Rocks- Heat rocks in the oven and color with crayons when hot enough. Macaroni art-Color different shapes. Glue macaroni around shapes.
  • Baking- Blue jello/gelatin squares for texture and home made play doh for texture
  • ABC- Letter E

I Can Taste and Smell

September 20-24

  • Books- Why Are Lemons Sour, Eating the Alphabet
  • Crafts- Ice cream coloring, cutting out and stacking on a paper cone-discussed flavors of each color.
  • Music-Apples and Bananas, Fruit Salad, Veggie Song, 5 a Day, Put Your Finger On
  • ABC- Letter D and spelling words with Banana Grams
  • Baking- Home made ice cream- shakin in a bag. Rice Milk Recipe!
  • Activities- Spice Smelling