Songs by Category

Here is a list of song ideas that I frequently use to assist with a variety of goals and obejctives.  I use many of these songs with my music therapy clients and my own kids.   
I do not have all of my personal songs recorded quite yet but will continue that project. Leave a comment with your email info and I will send you the song and lyrics if you need. I also would love any suggestions anyone has.

Music from Jim Newton and Noel Paul Stookey comes from Hugworks
Music from Kathleen Coleman, MT-BC, Betsey King, MT-BC or Debra Dacus, MT-BC comes from
Music from Rachel Coleman comes from Signing Time
Music by Rachel Rambach, Mt-BC comes from Listenlearnmusic
Music from Tim Pacific comes from Songs for Teaching

ABC- LeapFrog
Sounding Out through Blues- English Miller
The "TH" Jam- English Miller

When Two Vowels Go Walking- from Between the Lions on PBS
The Classic Rhyming Song- Sesame Street
Do you Know the Colors of the Rainbow- Rachel Coleman 
Down on the Farm- Greg and Steve
Down on Grandpa's Farm-Traditional
E on the End of a word song- English Miller
Let's Rhyme- Leap Frog

Around- English S Miller
Book and "ook" Rhymes
I-G-H Says "I" -English S Miller
S-C-H-O-O-L- English S Miller
The "Wh" Words- Tune by Jim Cosgrove, Words by English S Miller

Social Studies
The Continents Song- Tim Pacific
The 50 States and Capitals Song- Tim Pacific

Singing Some Math- English S Miller
       Counting My Coins
       The Sum
       The Difference
       The Product
       Positive Number
       Negative Number
       A Variable
       An Equation
Counting to 20- Leap Frog
Measuring Time- Ron Brown
The Measurement Song- Tim Pacific
Months of the Year- Greg and Steve
Polygons- Ron Brown
Skip Counting- Leap Frog
The Very Big Numbers Song- AJ Jenkins (youtube)
Quarters of an Hour-Ron Brown

A Shooting Star- They Might Be Giants
Blast Off- SteveSongs
BloodMobile- They Might Be Giants
Ducks Hatching- SteveSongs
Gravity- SteveSongs
How Many Planets?- They Might Be Giants
I Am a Paleontologist- They Might Be Giants
Rain is Falling Down- SteveSongs
Rockets- SteveSongs
Roy G Biv- They Might Be Giants
Scientific Method- Thaddeus Rex
Solid Liquid Gas- They Might Be Giants
Speed and Velocity- They Might Be Giants
What is the Weather Like?- English S Miller
Why Does the Sun Shine?- They Might Be Giants

Step Directions/Sequencing
Boogie Walk- Greg and Steve
If You Feel Good Inside- Stefanie Anderson
Jump Up- Imagination Movers
Here we Go Round the Mulberry Bush- Traditional
Put Your Finger On- Parachute Express
Show Me How To- Diane arranged by English S Miller
Tap Your Sticks- Hap Palmer
Follow Directions- Stevesongs

Social Skills
Breathe- Rachel Saines Day- arranged by English S Miller
First and Last Name Song- Prelude Music Therapy
Getting to Know Someone- Tuned Into Learning
How is This Person Feeling?- English S Miller
Having a Conversation- Prelude Music Therapy
Safety Dance- SteveSongs
Sentence Song- English S Miller
Stop, Think, and Choose- Daniel Tiger, PBS
S.T.O.P- Cheryl M. Gardner (Stop, Think, Options, Proceed)
Taking Good Care of Me- Songsforteaching
Tall Trees- Tuned into Learning
When Somebody Asks You- Blythe LaGlasse
When Things Don't Go My Way- English S Miller
When We Do Something New- Daniel Tiger, PBS

Impluse Control/Turn Taking

Breathe- Rachel Saines Day, arranged by English S Miller
Hand Jive to Ourselves- English S Miller
Hands to Ourselves- English S Miller
The Freeze- Greg and Steve
Instrument Stop and Go- Use instruments and a green and red sign.
Ready Set Wait!- Rachel Rambach
Follow Directions- Steve Songs
The Safety Dance- SteveSongs
Slow and In Control- Rachel Rambach
Stop, Think, and Choose- Daniel Tiger, PBS
Tall Trees- Tuned Into Learning
Try a New Food, It Might Taste Good- Daniel Tiger, PBS
Wiggle in My Feet- Rachel Rambach
When You Wait- Daniel Tiger, PBS
You Can Take a Turn- Daniel Tiger, PBS

Songs about Understanding Ourselves

Feelings- Rachel Coleman 
Free to Be Friends- Jim Newton and Noel Paul Stookey
Get Up- Superchick
If You Can't Fly- Jim Newton and Noel Paul Stookey
I'm Feeling Good About Myself- from Songsforteaching
It's Alright- Sara Hickman
It's Alright to Ask for Help- Jim Newton and Noel Paul Stookey
I Hope You Dance- Leann Womack
I Wish You Well- Sara Hickman
It's Alright- Jim Newton and Noel Paul Stookey
Keeping My Hands to Myself- English Miller
Lean on Me- Club Nouveau
Letter to Me- Brad Paisley
The More We Get Together- Traditional
My Own Two Hands- Jack Johnson 
My Wish- Rascal Flatts 

Nobody's Perfect- Hannah Montana
The World is a Rainbow- Greg and Steve
Who I Am- Jessica Andrews
Safety Dance- SteveSongs
Stand- Rascal Flatts
Stand By Me- Ben E King
Stand in the Rain- Super Chick
Sunshine on My Shoulders- John Denver
Tall Trees- Tuned Into Learning

A collection of songs specifically about grief- Memorial Music Library

Speech Production
All About Me Song- English Miller
Barbara Ann- Beach Boys (B sound)
Beep Bop- Betsy King, MT-BC
Biddy Biddy- Music Together
Boots- Laurie Berkner
Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison (Sha La)
Crocodile Rock- Elton John (L sound)
Do Wah Diddy
Down on Grandpa's Farm-Traditional
Driving Down the Road- Robin Edwards, MT-BC
Echo Drumming- Tap rhythms on the drum and produce sounds to tapping rhythms
Glug Glug Said the Little Green Frog
If All of the Raindrops
If Somebody Asks You...- Blythe LaGlasse, MT-BC
La La La La Lemon-Barenaked Ladies
La La La La Love- Rachel Coleman Signing Time
Letter Sounds- Leap Frog Toys (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)
Little Bitty Pretty One- Vowel sounds only
Menamena- Sesame Street
Ooh Ee Ooh Ah Ah
Ooh La Ooh La- They Might Be Giants
Riding On a School Bus- Prelude Music Therapy
The Sentence Song- English Miller
Stick Tune- Music Together
Trashin the Camp- Tarzan
Uh Oh Spaghetti O
What is This? -English Miller

Auditory Tracking/Apraxia
Echo drumming
Bell kit intervals to sounds/syllables
Instrument Sequencing
Rhythm Safari- SteveSongs

Instruments/Motor Skills/Cognition
Buckets and Cans- Imagination Movers- use house objects instead of drums
Drum Pokey- to the tune of Hokey Pokey
Goin For Coffee- Music Together
Heart of the Band- They Might Be Giants
I Can Hammer
Instrument Stop and Go- Someone plays and instrument and everyone else follows and stops dependent upon when that person plays.
Johnny B. Goode- Take turns performing during the chorus and substitute the person's name for "Johnny".
Play the Cabasa- Rachel Rambach
Playing in the Kitchen- Music Together
Put Your Finger On- Parachute Express
Tap Your Sticks- Hap Palmer
We Make Music With Our InstrumentsPreludeMusicTherapy
When You Hear This Instrument Do This- English S Miller

Body Cross Applesauce- Rachel Rambach
Cha Cha Slide- Mr. C
Cotton Eye Joe- Asleep at the Wheel
Crocodile Rock- Elton John
Dance Dance Dance- The Beach Boys
Do the Monkey- The Wiggles
Follow Directions- SteveSongs
Footloose- Kenny Logins
Glen Miller Medley- Glen Miller
I'm Really Good- Rachel Coleman 
I Don't Care if the Rain Comes Down- Traditional
Jump Jive and Wail- Louis Prima
Jump Up- Imagination Movers
Kids Like to Boogie Too- Skip West
Kingdom Dance- Alan Menken from Tangled
Lean on Me- Club Nouveau
Life is a Highway- Tom Cochran or Rascal Flatts
Movement- Greg and Steve
On the Beautiful Blue Danube
Put the Scarf on Your...-Rachel Rambach
Ready Set Wait- Rachel Rambach
Rock Around the Clock- Bill Haley and the Comets
Rockets- SteveSongs
September- Earth Wind and Fire
Shake Your Sillies Out
Something I Want- Grace Potter from Tangled
Spinnin Around- Jump5
Sway Like a Tree- Rachel Rambach
The Chicken Dance
The Freeze- Greg and Steve
The Boogie Walk- Greg and Steve
The New Second Line Dance
The Shimmie Shake- The Wiggles
Twist and Shout- The Beatles
We're Moving Around- Abridge Club Singers
Wiggle in My Feet- Rachel Rambach

Beautiful Day- Rachel Coleman 
The Leaves on the Trees- Rachel Rambach
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
Jingle Bells
Jingle Bell Rock
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

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