Sunday, March 3, 2013

3 Yr old Rewards- Facing the Threatening 3s

Well we have just about hit the 3 yr mark. Adelyn will be 3 this month! I continue to be shocked at how fast this her life is flying by.  She is a cheerful and very excited little girl.  I'm struggling to capture every moment that I can.  

She has also come to the point where we need to advance her rewards to a visual chart on the fridge.  Stickers are still super but this will help organize the number of times we hand them out and also give her a concrete and visual way to see her rewards. Since she cannot read yet I maybe should have gone another step and put the pictures of what she gets rewarded for. I know she will be very proud looking at the refrigerator seeing her success.  

Although I just put on the chart what she gets rewarded for, this chart does go both ways.  She can also lose her stickers for not following directions or being disrespectful to someone.  When she reaches 10 stickers she will get to pick from our prize box.  It's filled with mostly edible things.  

We like this chart because it's not only using punishment like "time out" (which we will still do when removing a sticker is not enough) to motivate kids to behave but it also rewards the behavior we want to see.

We have started out with 10 stickers and all of the things she can earn one for go on the same row.  As the kids get older the charts can be changed to meet their growing needs. There are some really nice and fun charts that can be purchased also like one my friend Erika got for her little guy who is also in the 3s.