Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fishing to Read

Here's a new game we made to help learn and sound out the simple words. We start with a few that all end in the same letters (at, bat, rat, etc) and then add more! It's easy to make and is a fun way to learn.

We take turns fishing and if we identify all of the letters and sounds they make we get to keep the fish. As they learn you add rules, like identify sounds and put them together.

How to Make:
1. Draw a fish and cut out.
2. Stack several pieces of construction paper together and paper clip.
3. Trace fish onto top piece
4. Cut out tracing on all sheets at once
5. Write words on fish
6. Place a paper clip on each fish
7. Make a fishing pole with magnets on the end. (We got our little one at the dollar tree)
8. Go fishing!