Thursday, June 23, 2011


Books- Have not read all of them, but viewed summaries on the library website.
  • Mama, Is it Summer Yet?- Nikki McClure
  • Morgy's Musical Summer- Maggie Lewis
  • Carl's Summer Vacation- Alexander Day
  • Summer Beat- Betsy Franco (Two friends celebrate the sights and sounds of summer)
  • Mouse's First Summer- Lauren Thompson
  • Summer is Summer- Phillis and David Gershator- (Summer from a child's perspective)
  • Four Friends in Summer- Tomie DePaola
  • The Encyclopedia of Summer Olympics-David Fischer

The link below has some fun and amazing summer crafts including a paper plate sun, popscicle matching game, ocean flower pot, watermelon craft, a homemade butterfly net and more.

  • Vanilla Pops (See below for recipe)
  • Blueberry Yogurt Treats (see below)

Vanilla Pops- from Highlights High Five Magazine
1. One cup of milk
2. 6 oz container of vanilla yougurt
3. Tablespoon of honey

Blend ingrediants and pour into paper cups.
Freeze for 30 mins to an hour and then insert Popsicle stick.
Freeze until frozen!

Blueberry Vanilla Treats
1. Break up graham cracker and pour in bottom of cup
2. Add vanilla yogurt
3. Place blueberries on top

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Build it Yourself from Lowes

Zachary received this bird house kit from Lowes. It' a good starter kit to learning how to do woodwork and it was fun too.


Here's a home made catapult that my husband made for a science experiment for our son. A cup, a small pvc pipe and part of our extra blinds.

It was interesting to watch Zachary. As a four year old he had to learn which side of the catapult had to be up in order to fling the object up in the air. He thought the cup had to be up at first and then thought he had to hit the side with the cup on it. He got it after trying a few times. We really enjoyed seeing things fly across the room!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maps and World Structures


  • The Continent Song- Tim Pacific from
  • The 50 States and Captials Song- Tim Pacific
  • USA map coloring- color and place stickers on all of the places you have visited
  • World map coloring
  • 7 Continents Mobile- Picture of the world at the top with each of the 7 continents hanging from each other. On the back of each continent glue a picture of a famous world structure that can be found there.
  • Study a map of the state and write a letter for each major city. Observe all of the places you have been to.
  • Pick a country, state or city and make some ethnic foods.
We used this world map to color. It came from google images.

We used this map to color and label all of the places we've been. This one also came from google images.

We cropped the pictures below to be the same size in Microsoft Word and glued them together. The other continent pictures hung from the world.