Thursday, July 21, 2011

Books About Behavior and Emotions

When I was little my mom had a series of books for me which discussed behavior and struggles that kids go through. The series was "Let's Talk About" and the author is Joy Berry. They were written back in 1982.

I discovered her website and saw all of the new books she has written for children. Some of the topics include, teasing, bullying, divorce, bath time, bed time, whining, trauma, organization, etc.
I loved reading these books as a child and Zachary has been enjoying them as well. We do not have any of her new books but they all look very helpful in explaining various situations to children.

Another series I learned about through my mother (and you might have guessed that she is an elementary school teacher by now) is a series by Cornelia Maude Spelman with illustrations by Kathy Parkinson called "When I Feel...".

The author is a former social worker and writes about "the importance of emotions and healthy relationships in the lives of children" (Spelman).

Some of her books include When I Miss You, When I Feel Jealous, When I Feel Good About Myself, When I Feel Sad, When I Feel Scared, When I Care About Others, When I Feel Angry, After Charlotte's Mom Died, Your Body Belongs to You, Mama and Daddy Bears Divorce, and Talking About Childhood Sex Abuse.