Friday, October 23, 2009

Creepy Creatures- Spiders and Bats

October 19-23

  • Books- The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carl, Stellaluna
  • Songs- The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Miss Muffet
  • Crafts- Egg Carton Spiders
-Cut an egg holder from a styrofoam egg carton.
-Decorate and poke 4 holes on each side. (I used a push pin and widened by making
circular motions.
-Put pipe cleaners through the holes
-Add eyes
  • Baking- We just made leaf cookies this week with friends. No spider/bat cookie cutters.
  • Activities- Learn ASL signs for spider and bat
  • Field Trips- Hopefully Botanical Gardens this weekend

Our egg carton spiders!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkins Week 2009

October 12-16

This weeks:

  • Books- The Littlest Pumpkin by RA Herman, It's Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall and Shari Halpern, Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell and Lizzy Rockwell
  • Songs- our original Fall Tune (email or request in comments for words and tune)
  • Crafts- Pumpkin coloring and drawing faces, leaf rubbing (he didn't quite understand so we did leaf gluing).
  • Activities- Pumpkin Farm

At the Pumpkin Farm in Bandera, TX

Choosing a Pumpkin with Daddy

Painting My Pumpkin with Mommy

At the Pumpkin Farm in Conroe, TX
with Gramsie and Pa-pa

They had animals there! The
donkey got out!

Leaf Rubbing Model

My leaf rubbing

My leaf project

Friday, October 16, 2009

Triangles Week 2009

October 5-October 9

  • Books- My Book of Shapes, Fisher Price Hideaway Hollow: the Treehouse Shapes Up
  • Music- Shape Song- From Prelude MusicTherapy
  • Crafts- Color a triangle and glue pasta along the lines, Pumpkin paper plates: paint orange and then glue shapes for face, cookie cutters with play doh
  • Baking- didn't do it this week...left for lake and Woodlands trip on Friday :)
  • For next time: set up "I Spy" tray with objects in different shapes

My Triangle Pumpkin Project

For the record...the description on the very first entry sounds much fancier than it really is :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bugs Week 2009

September 28-October 2

This weeks:

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • 5 Little Lady Bugs
  • The Crunching Munching Catepillar
Arts and Crafts
  • Putting Together and Ant, ABC coloring (A for ant, B for bee and C for caterpillar
  • Ants Go Marching

  • observing bugs outside
  • Bug movie from library
  • Wanted to but did not get to: Botanical Gardens Bug exhibit, Very Hungry Caterpillar matching color game.

Holding our Ant we put together

Autumn Week 2009

September 21-25

This week we studied about Autumn! We studied leaves, pumpkins, cornucopias, and cooler weather.
Decorating the House!

Gardening With Pumpkins!

Welcome to Domestic Professional Tot School at the Miller House

Hello family, friends, and viewers!

This new blog is to keep up with the "school" projects Zachary and I are doing at home this year for his "tot schooling". New Baby will soon get to participate in all of the fun and exciting adventures and activities we do each week.

Each week we have a chosen theme and do our activities, crafts, movies, music and field trips based on that theme. We use websites to get extra ideas, tools, and resources.

Our activities each week include:
  • Outdoor/recreation- free play, chalk, tot bikes/tricycles, ball/games, walks, gardening, animal training, and swimming.
  • Music/dance- piano sing-a-longs, dancing to recorded music, instrument exploration, improvisation, and gymnastics.
  • Arts/crafts
  • Letters/Numbers- usually incorporated into our art lesson
  • Reading/stories/short movies/library
  • Cooking/baking/grocery store
  • Imagination
  • Quiet Time/nap/Free play
  • Field Trips
The idea here in Tot School is "FUN". If it's not enjoyable or too forced, we find a way to make our lessons more fun and play.

I hope you enjoy reading about our personal tot school!