Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to Domestic Professional Tot School at the Miller House

Hello family, friends, and viewers!

This new blog is to keep up with the "school" projects Zachary and I are doing at home this year for his "tot schooling". New Baby will soon get to participate in all of the fun and exciting adventures and activities we do each week.

Each week we have a chosen theme and do our activities, crafts, movies, music and field trips based on that theme. We use websites to get extra ideas, tools, and resources.


Our activities each week include:
  • Outdoor/recreation- free play, chalk, tot bikes/tricycles, ball/games, walks, gardening, animal training, and swimming.
  • Music/dance- piano sing-a-longs, dancing to recorded music, instrument exploration, improvisation, and gymnastics.
  • Arts/crafts
  • Letters/Numbers- usually incorporated into our art lesson
  • Reading/stories/short movies/library
  • Cooking/baking/grocery store
  • Imagination
  • Quiet Time/nap/Free play
  • Field Trips
The idea here in Tot School is "FUN". If it's not enjoyable or too forced, we find a way to make our lessons more fun and play.

I hope you enjoy reading about our personal tot school!

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