Friday, November 16, 2012

ABC Play Doh

We did the good old play doh with alphabet cookie cutters which was the perfect Friday activity for us.  We are reviewing the letters Adelyn has learned so far from our "No Time for Flashcards" art which I still need to post!  I love play doh time and it's so good for fine motor skills (including speech...not only talking about the things they make but also because speech is a fine motor skill and improving all types of fine motor skills assists with speech development in that frontal lobe of the brain)!  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bar Graphs

Kids always seem to love playing these bar graph games which of course is great for teaching them about chance and what number the dots on the dice represent!  Zachary's class got these at school and we played it when he got home.  This picture was taken in the middle of it.  He was so excited to see which character "won" the game.  We used the dice from one of his board games and kept rolling until one character finally got to the top. 

Cat Paper Tearing

This cat is an art project that Zachary did in his kindergarten art class which was done by tearing the paper to make the shape of the cat.  They glued the poem below for a finishing Halloween touch for this special project. 

Pumpkin Plates

This is Adelyn's happy pumpkin.  She got to paint the bottom of the paper plate with orange and then glue on the pre-cut face!  I helped her during the process of painting by pointing to the whit spots that needed paint and then pointing to where she could put the glue for the face.  I also did the same for the stem and vine.  It makes for a nice happy Halloween decoration which is the type that I personally prefer :) 

Leaf Painting in Bags

We love autumn crafts!!  I found this one on Pinterest from    It is very similar to the sun painting in bags we did with pretty much the same colors but this one is leaf shaped. A bunch of small leaves painted like this would make a nice place mat.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Forever You Book

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This book is a new one published through Pauline Books and Media.  It helps children to understand that they are special on the inside and that they have a soul.