Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music what?? Therapy??

Music therapy is the clinical and evidence based use of music as a therapeutic tool in a controlled environment by a credentialed professional, to facilitate the accomplishment of individualized goals in order to improve functioning which may be physical, cognitive, communicative, social behavioral, or emotional.

In simpler terms: we use music to reach goals of bringing about improvements in behavior, motor skills, social skills, communication/speech, emotional health, and intellectual development/academics. 

What is music therapy? (Find out more) 

Here you can find information on music therapy, song ideas to improve different areas of functioning, and also activities and resources for these areas of functioning.  If you have anything to share as well please leave a comment on the posts!

Here are activities/interventions that I have used or I have heard about.  Some of the categories cross over into other ones. 

Speech and Language Activities- Posts and resources about improving speech and language in music therapy or at home.

Cognition and Behavior Activities  Posts and resources about improving different areas of cognition. 

Motor Activities- Posts and resources about improving motor skills. Keep in mind that speech is also a fine motor skill and these activities may help to strengthen neurons in the brain for speech.

Social Skills Activities- Posts and resources about improving social skills.

Emotion Activities- Posts and resources about emotional and mental stability.

Music for Relaxation
Selecting Music for Relaxation of the Mind and Body

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