Monday, December 30, 2013

Ideas on Teaching Kids about Prayer

Over the past six years as I have been teaching my kids about "how to pray," I managed to come up with categories of "ways to pray" to help them organize and understand prayer in their mind.  Honestly, it helps me too. I have come across kids books about praying that have categorized prayer into many of the above groups.  I think these 6 are the main ones I focus on with myself and my kids. 

So, knowing that humans love visuals to accompany ideas, I decided it was time to make a visual for our prayer categories. Here is a pie chart I made in a word document.  You can make it into a wheel with a spinner, or pull colors out of a hat, or pick the one that is one your/their heart! A short description of each is below. Hope this is a helpful visual.  It was very easy to make!