This blog is dedicated to sharing ideas and information to bring about positive family life, learning experiences, and music therapy.

My name is English. I am a board certified music therapist and stay at home mom to my three children Zachary, Adelyn, and Lincoln.  I received a degree in music therapy from Sam Houston State University in 2006.  In this program we experienced working in many different settings including pre-school, special education, medical hospitals, psychiatric centers, and geriatrics. I worked as an intern at a psychiatric hospital in 2006 here in San Antonio.  After graduation I began working with special needs adults and special education in a local school district. Most of the students I currently work with have autism. 

My passion is working with children especially in early childhood and early elementary school.  In music therapy we use music to reach goals of bringing about improvements in behavior, motor skills, social skills, communication/speech, emotional health, and intellectual development/academics.  I have recently focused a great deal on using sound, rhythm, and music to help with literacy and encouraging a love of learning through play and the use of all sensory systems.   I am also very passionate about mental health for children. 

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to able to keep up my skills as a music therapist part time and also be with my children each day while they are so young as one of the primary influences of their precious growing minds.  

I feel it is important to remember that we are influencing the formation of the minds of children and our family life experiences affect their perception of the world, their own self concept, and way they interact with their environment. As a result of this idea, I spend a lot of my time continuing education in studying behavior/behavior modification, positive learning experiences for children, and of course music therapy.

This blog began as a collection of experiences our family has done at home or hopes to try in the future.  We have tried to have a variety of experiences in our home.  Sometimes we pick a theme for the week and plan activities and sometimes we just improvise on the spot.  The idea is to make learning fun in a way that the individual child learns best in a stress-free environment.  Some things we make up ourselves and other things we find from other sources which may be friends, family, music therapy or online.  I always make a point to credit  whomever we have gotten our ideas from.

As time has gone on I have continued to educate myself on topics related to music therapy, behavior, emotional health and family life and have begun posting on these topics as well. In regards to music therapy, I also hope to share song ideas for improving the different areas of functioning and also intervention ideas.

Hope you enjoy your visit here and please post your own thoughts and or ideas!

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