Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two weeks ago we did an Earth day/Astronomy project.  Here you see a close up view of the Earth in space taken by our own dear Zachary. Please note that this picture was not taken by our satellites orbiting Earth, although perhaps easily mistaken.   :) 

We found this very fun and easy project on D.L.T.K's Growing Together Site. It also makes a very good science experiment for the kids as they watch the colors mix together on the coffee filter which the earth is made of.


  • Coffee filter
  • washable blue and green markers
  • Medicine dropper
  • black construction paper
  • white paint
  • a Popsicle stick
  • small paint brush
  • Glue stick
1. Kids scribble with the markers on the coffee filter.
2. Drop a few dots of water with the dropper on the filter.
3. Watch the colors spread
4. Let dry
5. Take black piece of paper and dip brush in white paint.
6. Use a Popsicle stick and slide it in a flicking motion down the paint brush to flick paint onto paper.
7. It should look like small stars.
8. Glue coffee filter onto black paper