Thursday, February 24, 2011


January 17-21

  • Painting with stamp paint the solar system
  • Making a Mobile of the solar system (Hobby Lobby craft kit, comes with cool poster!)

  • How Many Planets- They Might Be Giants
  • What is a Shooting Star- They Might Be Giants
  • Why does the Sun Shine-They Might Be Giants

Science Experiment
Planets Going Around a Drill- Teaches about how the earth goes around the sun.

  • Squibs by Ignite Learning, In Space: Earth, Moon, Sun and Beyond (very captivating for the kids although it was a lot of information for him and didn't sit past 30 minutes. At the SAN ANTONIO PUBLIC LIBRARY
  • You Tube: Space Shuttle Launch
  • Solar System Slide Show (home made from Google Images)


  • Put on astronaut costume and drove his home made spaceship. Joystick and old computer keyboard while watching the space shuttle launch.

  • Cut out stars in jello (idea for next time)

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