Saturday, March 3, 2012

Picture Schedule

This picture schedule has been amazing for my own kids and my music therapy clients.  This is a sample of our home schedule.  The rainbow at the bottom was our theme for the week. I do not always put the theme there but we happened to have a picture of it for that particular week. We learn as parents that our young tots or pre-schoolers are still developing their memory skills.  They do however build confidence and feel more in control when they know what is coming next during the day.  Consistent routines are of course great for that and a picture schedule to go along with it is even better! It is especially helpful for the days when something out of routine occurs. 

This blue scheduler comes from Lakeshore Learning and makes a triangle so there are two sides showing and it can be placed on a table/desk. It also folds up and has a pocket to hold the pictures in. Lakeshore also carries plenty of charts that can be hung on the wall. I needed the table top in order to bring it easily to my music therapy sessions and then back home.  These pictures came from Google images and I added color to some of them through the program  

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