Friday, November 16, 2012

ABC Play Doh

We did the good old play doh with alphabet cookie cutters which was the perfect Friday activity for us.  We are reviewing the letters Adelyn has learned so far from our "No Time for Flashcards" art which I still need to post!  I love play doh time and it's so good for fine motor skills (including speech...not only talking about the things they make but also because speech is a fine motor skill and improving all types of fine motor skills assists with speech development in that frontal lobe of the brain)!  


  1. This takes me back!!! We never went anywhere without a bag of PlayDoh dough and shape-cutters. I love how you incorporate learning through play. I'm a big fan of incidental teaching, in fact if memory serves me correctly, there was a session (or two or three) of french-fries-bending to shape letters in my household, when my daughter was learning her alphabet. Great post!

  2. Love your french fry story! Thank you for taking time to visit and share on our blog. Your ideas and opinions are highly respected!