Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jingle Bells

Adelyn is very proud of these jingle bells that she brought home from MDO and her favorite thing to do of course is to take them off of the handle and shake them while singing her favorite tunes. These bells are hanging on our pantry door (nice benefit of hearing when the pantry is opened haha...like if you know your husband is sneaking the best goodies).  

These are made with yarn, white glitter/sprinkles, egg crates, and 3 jingle bells (hidden under the egg crates).

  • Poke a hole in the bottom of the 3 egg crates and turn upside down.
  • Tie one jingle bell to one end of the yarn.
  • String the yarn through 1 egg crate
  • Pick a spot further down the yarn for the second bell and egg crate.
  • Tie yarn to jingle bell and then put egg crate on top.
  • Pick your last spot for the last jingle bell and tie to yarn.
  • Put last egg crate on top.  
  • Pick a spot in the yarn to make a knot for the loop.

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