Sunday, November 8, 2009


November 2-6


Curious George Goes Camping 

When we Go Camping, 

When Daddy Took us Camping

Matthew and Tall Rabbit Go Camping.

Fred and Ted Go Camping

 (All checked out at the public library. When we go Camping has beautiful pictures.
  • Songs- Oh How I Love to go Camping (from the Disney CD 4), Popcorn by Greg and Steve, She'll be Coming Around the Mountain, Country Roads, Caissons Go Rolling, The More We Get Together.
  • Baking- We made a Sweet Potato Dessert
  • Crafts- Gluing pictures of camping objects/activities on a piece of paper (with a tree background on it). Pictures included a campfire, tent, lantern, backpack, picnic table, 2 people hiking and 2 people biking. Pictures from google images.
  • Activities- Setting up a pretend camp ground in the house. We used Zachary's Train tent, 2 sleeping bags, play camping food and backpack, stuffed animals, a storage box for a table, two kid sized camping chairs, and an airbed with a green blanket tossed over my craft table which looked like rock with grass on top :)
  • Field Trips- Camping at Pedernales State Park for the weekend!

Gluing pictures of camping items

Pedernales State Park

Mommy and Daddy took me to Pedernales State Park for a weekend camping trip! We went with Memay's family, her aunt and uncle, and another couple who are her friends too. We slept in a tent for two nights! Mrs. Mollie was so nice b/c she reserved the campsite next to the bathrooms. She's smart! We also had a camp fire and went hiking! I got to ride in the backpack. So did Memay and Feodore (Theodore).

Me and MeMay

Mommy, Baby, Daddy, and Me on our hike

Walking on the trail.

Memay wanted me to sit with her

Daddy helped me touch the water at the falls area

Memay and I loved the sand

We tried to innocently scoot close to the water.

Lying in the sand and kicking was fun.

Memay thought so too. She's taking a break here.

Walking together along the shore.

Time to put my shoes back on. My feet were full of wet sand!

I asked if we could go camping again. But Mommy and Daddy said that it was time to go back to the car and go home.

We had fun camping at Pedernales State Park!

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