Sunday, November 29, 2009


November 16-20

  • Books- Spot Loves His Grandma-Eric Hill, My Mother is Mine-Marion Dane Bauer, The Very Best Daddy of All-Marion Dane Bauer
  • Music- The More We Get Together, Two Worlds (Tarzan), We Are One-Hugworks
  • Crafts- Family Tree-painting and gluing pictures
  • Baking-
  • Activities- Photo Albums
  • Field Trips

My Family Tree 2009

Mommy, Baby Adelyn, Zachary, Daddy

This week I learned that families are one of our most important gifts. We learn about each other, support each other, play together, and love each other. When we were learning about families, my daddy ran a marathon here in San Antonio. Both of my families came to support him.

Daddy running his second marathon.

My Uncle Brian and me (I'm the one on top)

My Uncle Kevin and Me

Look at Daddy finish! He's so happy to be done! 4 hours 45 mins.

Daddy and his brothers

My Miller family eating while waiting for Daddy to finish

My Sylvester Family

My Families together- We wish Aunt Michelle, Uncle Matthew, Aunt Kitty, and Uncle Berchman could have been there for the finish.

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