Friday, January 22, 2010

Trucks Week

January 18-22

  • Books- The Wheels on the Truck, Truck Talk-Bobby Katz
  • Music-I Like Trucks
  • Crafts- Painting of Tow Mater from the movie Cars
  • Activities- Rolling trucks down the slide, playing with truck in a box filled with beans
  • Science- examining the model engine Daddy put together
Also played in Pa-pa's pick up truck!

This week we did the activities, science, and craft. We didn't end up doing much with the books except glancing at a few pictures while playing with trucks. We sang a car song instead of the truck song.

We also did other activities unrelated to the theme like playing with a tennis ball, learning to ride Mommy's razor scooter, dancing to the Wiggles and Linus and Lucy, building a train track and building things with blocks.

Pa-pa was here to help while Mommy continued bed rest! We had a great time with him like playing outside, gardening, doing some of the activities, making meals, and a few other things.

Exploring my toy trucks!

Painting Tow-Mater Blue

Exploring trucks in a bean pit with Pa-pa

Continued exploring.

Learning to Ride a Scooter

Pushing my bikecar

Daddy showed me a model engine!  He put it together himself.

My Pa-pa's pickup truck!

My version of a pickup truck!

Showing Granna the truck pit when she arrived the next week!

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