Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rainbows and I Am Special


The Crayon Box that Talked- Shane DeRolf, Illustrated by Michael Letzig

A little girl overhears a box of crayons arguing and being unkind to each other. She buys the box, takes them home and teaches them about how everyone is important.

I'm Special, I'm Me- Ann Meek, Sarah Massini

A little boy learns that his ideas are important and unique because they are his and that he can be whatever he wants.

Rainbow Rob- Joe Rigg, Simon Mugford

Rainbow Rob doesn't like being black and white so he imagines himself as different colors and discovers who he really wants to be!

Polar Bear and the Rainbow-Moira Butterfield, Illustrated by Sanja Rescek

Ben the bear wants to be a different color because he thinks white is boring, but he learns about the importance of being the color he is.

The Little Engine that Could- Watty Piper

The popular story of learning to believe in yourself.

I Like Myself- Karen Beaumont

Learning to like the qualities of yourself!



Tissue Rainbow Craft
1. Cut a paper plate in half by folding and cutting on the line.
2. Cut a small semi circle out of the bottom.
3. Start with purple around the bottom!

Rainbow Rice


Rainbow Crayon Melt


Visual Aids-Easy to Make


Rainbow Cupcakes

Taste a Rainbow
Family Fun

Amanda's Cookin' st. patrick's day cookies
The Crafty Crow   Plus at this site there are more rainbow ideas.

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