Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teaching Writing

Here are a few good books to teach writing skills to young children.

If you were a Writer- Joan Lowry Nixon

Melia wants to be a writer just like her mom. She isn't sure about what a writer does or how they get their work completed. She learns how to start a story, how to make pictures with words, and how to find ideas.

Activities for this book
1. Pick out objects you see and name as many words as you can to describe the object.
2. Come up with "what if" ideas when situations come up. For example, if your honey goes missing, you could say, "what if a bear came in from the woods?"

Written Anything Good Lately?- Susan Allen and Jane Lindamann

This book has writing activity ideas from A-Z.

The Boy Who Loved Words- Schotter/Potter

This story is about a boy who collects words.  Each page of the book has a new, challenging word to learn.

Dear Mr. Blueberry- Simon James

A book that teaches letter writing

Dear Mrs. LaRue- Mark Teague

A comedy about a dog who writes letters to his owner from obedience school.  Another teaching tool for letter writing.

Detective LaRue Letters from the Investigation- Mark Teague

In this sequel to Dear Mrs. LaRue teaches more letter writing through examples and tells the comic tale of a dog who solves a mystery.

ASL- Write

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