Monday, September 12, 2011

I Go to School

I Go to School


Berenstain Bears Go to School- Sister is a little nervous about going to kindergarten but she learns about all of the fun things that are part of the school day.

Llama Llama Misses Mama- Little Llama does not feel happy at school until some of the other kids invite him to join them.

School Bus by Donald Crews- This book shows where school buses stay and goes through the whole route of picking kids up to dropping them off and going back to the bus barn.

Monster makes himself a clock at school but this one does not have numbers or hands on it. Instead he makes a schedule clock with pictures of the daily activities.

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

I Am Not Going to School Today- This little boy is nervous about not knowing who the teacher is, who is in his class, where things are and what the schedule is at school. He takes a pal along to accompany him and learns to cope with the "first day".

Every Morning at Play Group- Sesame Street- Emily's parents both go to work and her brother goes to first grade. She is going to play group and is not sure about going.

The Sesame Street gang talks about all of the things they like about school.

Tucker experiences a variety activities at his new school and learns how much fun it is!

ASL- Sign for School- from


Dog Puppet

Personalized Lunch Box- Find at Crafts Kaboose

Decorate your notebook/journal- Find at Crafts Kaboose

Backpack Craft for a doll or stuffed animal- Find at Danielle's Place


  • The More We Get Together
  • The Backpack Song- Learning Through Music- Kathleen Coleman, MMT, MT-BC with Prelude Music Therapy
  • The Months of the Year- Greg and Steve
  • Days of the Week- Tim Pacific or to the tune of Oh My Darlin


  • Play school and use props such as backpacks, supplies, lunch boxes etc.
  • Do a puppet show or act out one of one of the books.
  • Stuffed animals go to school and learn to make new friends.

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