Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now Keeping the Jaw Breakers and Hard Candy I've Always Hated

Every year on Halloween since I was growing up I've dreaded getting all of the horrible hard candy that ends up sitting in the pantry until Valentine's Day because nobody wants to eat it. And then we finally throw it away and waste it anyway.  I don't know any kids that really eat that stuff but apparently some do because stores sell it and people actually give it away!

Scott has been doing science experiments once a week or every other week usually (well sometimes we skip a few weeks but for the most par) for a couple of years. We repeat experiments a whole lot for repetition in the learning process.  Zachary's favorites have been colored ice cubes, the volcano and bottle rockets.  Lately he's been wanting to try mixing things he comes up with on his own.  Sometimes they all come from the pantry but it's disgusting to think about mixing these things he mentions.  He's been asking questions also like "what would happen if we did this, or if we put this in water, or if we did such n such.  I think it came to the point when he asked that about a candy and we decided to dissolve it in water. This happened to be a week or so before Halloween and I said, "Great! I know where all of the objectionable candy is going to"!

Sure enough, we got plenty of hard candy we are not going to consume.  Jawbreakers, exploding candy, sour hard things, hard colored candy that looks like cough drops....plenty of great stuff for science experiments.  The  kids enjoy watching things change colors or go from large to nothing! Hope it's something your kids would enjoy too.

Leave your suggestions or ideas you do at home!

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