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Cars, boats, trains, planes, hot air balloons, covered wagons, horseback, feet!
This broad topic leaves plenty of room for exploration and discussion.  We didn't get to do a lot of the activities listed below but we hope to sometime in the future. We did enjoy a lot of the pretend play.

Book Ideas

Freight Train by Donald Crews                                 Flying by Donald Crews

Five Trucks by Brian Floca             The Wheels on the Truck by Steve Metzger
Shows the different trucks             Shows different types of trucks and what they do.        
that help airplanes get ready and take off.

Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe                              Bobby Katz

Curious George at the Railroad Station             Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race

Thomas' ABC Book                                           Thomas' Christmas Delivery

Cars 2 Race Around the World     The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper
from the Step into Reading series

Go Dog Go by PD Eastman

Many of these ideas come from Pre-school-Plan-It

Imaginative Play and Learn
  • Pretend Carwash- have buckets, towels, pretend hoses, and a car
  • Pretend Gas Station
  • Pretend Airport- Tickets, maps, walkway, seats, luggage
  • Chalk Road- draw a road with chalk outside and have the kids drive their cars/bikes on it.
  • Maps- Look at maps of the city, state, US, or world. Plan a trip!
                Our Home Made Car Wash                                                  

Taking our class mascot for a ride                                              

Toys You Haven't Pulled out in a While?

Do you rotate toys or have any that have not been touched recently? There's plenty of toys that can get involved in transportation some how.
  • Race Cars have a race or need to be fixed.
  • Trains
  • Potato Heads Go Horseback Riding
  • Dolls travel to Australia
  • Stuffed Animals in the Construction Yard
  • Dinosaurs take the Train
  • Blocks- build ramps and tracks for vehicles

  • Traffic Light- Use construction paper shapes (rectangle, circles, etc) or paints on pre-drawn shapes.
  • Paper airplanes
  • Car Painting- roll cars through paint on a paper and make tracks.
  • Hot Air Balloon Paper Mache
  • Covered Wagon- Use box, fabric, Popsicle sticks, paper plates
  • Box Vehicles- use old boxes, big and small to make a car, boat, or anything you want. For example, use paper plates for the wheels or steering wheel, etc.


  • Air, water, land- Place vehicles in groups for air, water, and land. Use pictures of each group to help. This came from Countingcoconuts.
  • Parachute- sing songs about transportation such as Row Your Boat, Down by the Station, or I've Been Working on the Railroad during parachute play if you have one.
  • Transportation Sounds- Make the noise for each form of transportation. 
  • Magnetic Road- Draw a road. Tape a magnet to the bottom of a vehicle. Put it on the road and use something else magnetic underneath the paper to make the car go.
  • Make a "Stop and Go" sign with one side red and the other green.  Play a game by having children do an activity on the go side and stopping on the stop side. 
  • Tape crayons to the bottom of cars and have them drive across paper. See what kind of tracks are made!
Puppet Shows

Well...this COULD have been out transportation. If they were still alive.

Don't Bring Your Dog to the Carwash

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