Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Tree Traditions

I love to remember the day of the year when my family gathered in the living room and pulled out the Christmas tree.  I went over to the stereo and put on Disney Family Christmas and then asked for hot chocolate (of course it never really got below 60 where we lived) while we pulled the branches of the storage box.  My brother Berch and I "fluffed" the branches as Dad put them on the pole and then we waited anxiously as he untangled the lights, replaced bulbs, and wrapped them around the tree.  Mom had a box of beautiful ornaments that came with the tree and then we also had our box of ornaments that we collected from the time we were born. Berch and I always enjoyed looking at all of them and then of course putting them on the tree.  Dad usually dropped out for that part but still stayed near the family as we decorated. Mom helped us get the ornaments in the high spots and then secretly made sure the ornaments were not all clumped in one spot.  :) As I got older I still loved getting everyone together to do that although it did get a lot harder.  I also continued to fix myself hot chocolate on that day as well. 

So now I drag my husband Scott into the living room each year to help with the tree.  It obviously is not his favorite thing to do since he did not grow up with this tradition and often accuses me of trying to bring back my childhood through this event but he obliges and joins us for the branches and lights.  Hmmm, sounds familiar, that works for me!  Scott even went so far as to have a hot beverage or as I would say, "something warm to drink" to participate more fully.

I suppose continuing my own tradition is special to me, but also I see the excitement in my son when he finds out it's time to pull out the tree again.  My daughter is now starting to understand and she enjoyed it too.  Events like this become special family time with the comfort of knowing we will all take time to be together (in addition to meal time) and something the kids look forward to each year.

What traditions do you do with your family for holidays throughout the year? Please share! I'd love to hear.

Adelyn and Scott

Scott and Zachary "fluffing" branches

Something warm to drink! 

Organizing the branches for us.

Hanging ornaments

Hanging and removing ornaments

Look Mom! We love our tree!

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