Monday, September 10, 2012

School Bus

Time for us to get back into our school routine! With Zachary starting kindergarten it has been a new type of routine but we are all liking it a lot. I have been looking forward to Adelyn getting the one on one time with me for our themed activities. This was the first lesson Adelyn and I did since Zachary started school.  I found the bus image from printables on google images. We printed extra wheels and put a brad through them so that the wheels would go "round and round".  

I think I would like to make another bus but make it raised off of the construction paper with something like cotton balls. The next steps would be to use an exacto knife and slit the door so it opens, find coloring pictures of children which would be cut out and then have them go through the door of the bus. That might be a fun trial craft for myself! 

It's a good set up craft for The Wheels on the Bus song.

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