Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Books about time

A great book that helps to explain time zones to children. It also shows a little bit of the culture in the cities shown.

A very sweet book showing the daily life of this bunny family.  Each page has a clock on it as well as a rhyming poem which explains the time and what the bunnies do during that time.

A great book that explains how time is related to the earth turning and revolving around the sun.

Teaching Tools

I love this puzzle clock for several reasons. One is because each number has a different shape which makes it easier to figure out where they go, helping the children to figure out the number placement on their own.  I like how the minute hand and hour hand are two different colors.  This made explaining and learning which one was which much easier for Zachary.  The final feature I'd like to point out is the numbers painted on the clock inside the puzzle pieces.  It has 1-12 and also 5-60 counting by 5s to assist in helping to learn the time.

Clock Craft
Teaching Time
A home made clock from  This could be a fun craft!

Peek a Boo Clock Craft
Peek-A-Boo Clocks made from paper plates
A fun and easy craft from Teacher Web

Months of the Year- Greg and Steve
Days of the Week- to the tune of Oh My Darlin or Addams Family
Measuring Time- Ron Brown
Quarters of an Hour- Ron Brown

Online Clock Teaching Tools

Online clock teachers can adjust
Stop the Clock Game
More Online Time Games

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