Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Last Supper Reenactment

Since I enjoy participating in the Easter Tridduum I wanted to do something for my children so that they could also participate.  In the past I have bought a special loaf of bread and grape juice for a pretend reenactment of the Last Supper.  I would pull out the nice campaign glasses and nice plates.  We also washed each others feet in a nice bowl which I monitored very closely!! This year we invited our friends to join us.  Our great friends the Siebenalers hosted the event at their house.  We brought the bread and Becca provided the grape juice.  She had lovely dishes to use for the event and set up a foot washing station (not that nice dishes are required...that may not be at all what was used back then). We also found pictures and a developmentally appropriate story telling in one of the children's bibles.

The children thoroughly enjoyed washing each others feet although some of them did not want to have their own feet washed.  One of them was Zachary but he did love serving the other people their. We will have to work on allowing other to serve us :)

 Zachary and I attended our Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper which is one of my favorites.  The families from the reenactment also attended with us.  Being able to share both events with them really enhanced the night. We knew it would be long so we brought play and learn items with us.  We had crayons and printouts of the Last Supper, our miniature chalice and altar items for the kids to play with, books about Easter/Spring, a baby doll and washcloth to wash the babies feet, and a few more items.

We tried to present the idea as the importance of serving others and also allowing them to serve you too. And of course in our faith we stress the importance of being in communion with each other which we do by sharing meals at home and at Mass. Hopefully they will learn that over the years.

The day was very special to me and I hope it was for our friends as well. We are thankful to have great friends and family to celebrate special moments with. 

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