Thursday, April 26, 2012


My mother gave Zachary this great map for his birthday. It is an FAO Schwartz item however she got it discounted online. It comes with velcro names of continents, oceans, some countries, and animals.  We could have just used a regular large world map to play with also.  It's fun to just put it on the floor or low on the wall and it probably would have been doable to print off animals, countries, and oceans from around the world and laminated them.  

All About Me Project

We are hoping to make a booklet all about Zachary. Adelyn can make one when she gets old enough also.  We will include where he is from, where his family is from, favorite foods, colors, books, movies, sports, games, activities, etc and also the places he has been with pictures of the states or cities. Hopefully we can include our great bluebonnet pictures too. 

      A School Like Mine: Europe-  We got this one at Chick Fil A There are a few other books in the    series about other countries.

   The Earth and Sky: A First Discovery Book- we also read the one like this called Musical Instruments which has some from other parts of the world. 

The Armadillo from Amarillo is a great book by Lynne Cherry where an Armadillo begins travels in San Antonio, goes to Amarillo several other states and then to the moon.

the Waterhole by Graeme Base- Has animals from different countries on each page who are drinking from a water hole which are all becoming dried up. Children learn that the rain fills up the waterhole again and takes away the dryness from the land.

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