Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creative Letters for the Wall

My sister n law (ah so nice to say that officially!!) married to my only brother took the time and effort to make Adelyn this beautiful name decoration for her wall.  Adelyn has become a purple fanatic as you can see with the bed and outfit.  This was the perfect addition to our decorating her area of the room. 

The letters are wood and are painted with purple acrylic paint.  My brother drilled holes through the sides at the top of each one in order to string them all together for hanging. The ribbon has the wire edges which made it easy to shape the ends into the curls hanging down.  The flowers on the front are embellishments for scrapbooking.  The back of the flowers have a self sticking adhesive which makes it easy to peel off and stick onto the wood. 

To hang I put push pins in the wall and wrapped each side of the ribbon around them.  I also hammered tiny nails through the ribbon underneath the push pins and added more sticky adhesive under each letter. 

Thank you Kathryn!

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